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collapse What is an Internet Exchange Point?

An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is a physical network access point through which major Internet infrastructure companies can connect with each other and exchange traffic.

collapse What is peering?

Peering is the arrangement of traffic exchange between Internet networks that aim to share a direct network instead of routing traffic through the Internet. Internet peering is performed over BGP agreement that allows to exchange mutually traffic and share routing information.

collapse What are peering advantages?

Economic benefits: Peering reduces IP transit expenses and optimizes infrastructure costs.

Technical benefits: Has larger bandwidth capacity, ensures greater routing control and network resiliency, minimize latency and improves users experience.

collapse Who can connect to LL-IX and what are the requirements?

Any network which has its own AS number and publicly routable IP addresses can join LL-IX.

collapse What should I do if I forgot my login details for my LL-IX Personal Account?

Please follow the link https://ll-ix.com/password/reset and enter your email related to your LL-IX account. After clicking “Send Password Reset Link”, you will receive an email link to recover the password.

collapse Do you have any connection requirements?

To become an LL-IX participant your company should have a legal entity status. As regards to the technical part, it is required from your side to have the autonomous system and publicly routable IP addresses assigned, and also a router/switch at our location, or a transport connection to this location.

In case the connection requirements listed above don’t match you or you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact our manager directly and he will gladly assist you - [email protected].

collapse How can I connect to LL-IX and what is the connection process?

The network connection process to LL-IX is the following:

  1. Please fill in LL-IX Membership Request
  2. Our manager will get in touch with you to discuss the key connection matters in order to provide you with the best deal.
  3. We will sign the join Connection Agreement.
  4. We will ask you to send us the access to the customer portal. Sign in to manage accounts and create new ones for your team.
  5. You will be provided with the IPv4/IPv6 address assigned.
  6. Please contact [email protected] as soon as the cabling and cross-connects are installed and finalized by the colocation site.
  7. Your port will be placed in the quarantine VLAN. Once all the testing is performed, we will switch your port(s) to live production.

If you have any further questions on the points above, please feel free to contact our manager directly - he will be pleased to assist you.

collapse What equipment do I need for connection to your IXP?

You will only need your own L3 device for direct peering at LL-IX. Also, you can connect remotely buying a transport connection to our PoP.

collapse Do you have any membership cost?

No, we don’t. LL-IX membership is fully free of charge.

collapse What networks will I have a possibility to peer with once I connect to LL-IX Route Servers?

You can directly reach networks connected to LL-IX Route Servers. Considering that LL-IX is an active participant of AMS-IX (the world’s leading Internet Exchange based in Amsterdam), in parallel you will benefit from IP traffic of a large number of other AMS-IX participants as well.

collapse What is the interconnection fee?

The price varies from bandwidth capacity that you are going to choose. Send us a short information about the connectivity you would like to have and we will provide you with a suitable business offer shortly. We are very flexible and for sure you will be satisfied with our prices.

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