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Meet new LL-IX members!

Dear friends, we are happy to introduce to you new members who joined LL-IX!

Welcome LL-HOST and Fast Content Delivery LTD to our awesome community. 

We deliver services we are proud of and are extremely glad to help our members to expand network infrastructure and connectivity globally.
LL-IX provides to each of its members high-quality, scalable and reliable connection. You can benefit from the best routes with the lowest latency and significantly reduced IP transit costs.


Become an LL-IX member and benefit from a variety of attractive perks:

  • Expanded network of participants of IP traffic exchange. LL-IX is an active participant of AMS-IX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange based in Amsterdam. Being an LL-IX member, you will be able to peer with any of the parties connected to the AMS-IX.
  • LL-IX Services. We offer both types of peering - Public peering and Private peering. Also, you have the opportunity to use the L2 transport service to connect several geographically distant business offices into a unified and secure data exchange network. 
  • Free of Charge Features. We offer our participants:
    - 300 Mbps of free traffic (95 percentile)
    - Fast and free connection to LL-IX peering platform
    - No membership cost to join LL-IX community
    - Free and round-the-clock service monitoring
    - No extra charge for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic exchange on the same infrastructure

Join us now! Send us a membership request by following the link - www.ll-ix.com/en/membership-request, and let’s create an amazing and efficient collaboration!