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First PoP launched in the Netherlands

Dear friends, we are excited to present to you the concept of LL-IX - an IXP with a reliable and high-speed interconnection between hundreds of networks. 

Our team launched the LL-IX project with a view to providing highly reliable and fast access to information on a large scale. 
LL-IX offers a neutral Internet exchange platform for secure and cost-attractive peering and stimulates the interconnection efficiency between IXP participants.
We help our members to expand their network points of presence in Europe and increase business competitiveness.

You can benefit from such our high-value IXP services as:

  • Public peering
  • Private Peering
  • L2 Transport 

What makes LL-IX different from other IXPs?
Here are several strong points that really matter:

  • We offer to our participants 300 Mbps of traffic fully Free of Charge (95 percentile)
  • The connection to LL-IX is fast and free
  • There is no membership cost to join our community
  • We monitor the service 24/7/365 and are always ready to resolve promptly any technical issue 
  • LL-IX provides an exchange of IPv4 and IPv6 traffic on the same infrastructure and without additional costs

LL-IX’s first point of presence is already launched in Haarlem, the Netherlands! 

Send us a membership request www.ll-ix.com/en/membership-request and find out what are the benefits of becoming a member of our IXP.