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Remote connection to LL-IX network

Possibility for new members of the LL-IX network: remote connection without having to install the equipment in the data center.

LL-IX provides services of peering connections. In addition to our traditional services (Public and Private Peering, L2 Transport Service), we have added a new service: remote connection to the LL-IX network.

A tunnel or virtual machine is a way of connection that eliminates the boundaries of the standard connections in the data centers. Connecting to our IXP is possible from anywhere.

Currently available bandwidth: up to 300Mbps.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try service with a special offer(300Mbps for free) + free connection from any point of presence.

The remote connection allows members of LL-IX to establish a peering connection with members of our network, including participants of the largest IXPs:

  • DE-CIX - Frankfurt, Germany
  • AMS-IX - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • SIX - Seattle, USA
  • EPIX - Katowice, Poland

Hold on to stable traffic exchange.

Reduce delays and provide general service improvements for the end-user.

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