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LL-IX is a member of the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS)

MANRS — is a global initiative supported by ISOC (Internet Society) aimed to implement important solutions to reduce common routing threats.

Internet traffic exchange points (IXPs) play an essential role in protecting the Internet. IXPs are presented as active communities with common operational objectives that contribute to more fault-tolerant and secure global network infrastructure.

The MANRS Initiative describes four simple, but concrete steps to be taken by network operators: filtering, anti-spoofing, coordination, and validation. LL-IX is currently a member of MANRS IXP.

The LL-IX network has become more resistant to routing threats: leaking and theft of routes/prefixes, counterfeiting IP addresses. These malicious acts result in tracking traffic, lost profits, and reputational losses to companies.


LL-IX supports advanced routing security methods, so feel free to join us and share Internet traffic safely.