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LL-IX has opened a new point of presence in Warshaw, Poland.


In November 2021, LL-IX (a project of LLHOST INC. SRL) has opened a new point of presence in the Equinix WA1 data center, located at al. Jerozolimskie 65, 00-697 Warsaw, Poland. This is one more step in the LL-IX strategy implementation aimed at expanding its presence in the international IX. 


The volume of global internet traffic is growing at an extraordinary rate, and for this reason telecommunications operators (TSPs), Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers (CDNs), and other companies interact with more and more partners and expanding their presence at various traffic exchange points around the world, thereby optimizing the traffic cost.

The new point of presence will simplify the connection process for participants allocated in the Equinix WA1 data center.
LL-IX is endowed with necessary resources that procure the growing needs of our participants in the gateway Internet traffic exchange and highly scalable networks.


Currently, our members establish peer-to-peer connections with LL-IX network members, including AMS-IX Amsterdam, DE-CIX Frankfurt, MSK-IX Moscow, and SIX Seattle

Connection points:
- 4 Data Center Poland, Katowice
- Equinix WA1, Poland, Warsaw
- Iron Mountain, Haarlem, Netherlands
- Hurricane Electric FMT2, Fremont, USA


In case you need to:
- Optimize internet traffic routes and reduce network delays;
- Receive traffic from/to participants of AMS-IX Amsterdam, DE-CIX Frankfurt, MSK-IX Moscow, and SIX Seattle via LL-IX;
- Reduce the cost of data transmission;

Choose a suitable location and connect to LL-IX directly in our PoP (Europe and USA). Moreover, you can connect to us remotely with the additional purchase of L2-transport among the ISP from your point of presence to ours, as well as remotely test the service without the need to acquire L2-transport.


Pay attention to the connection conditions:
- no membership fee
- we don’t force you to sign long-term contracts with us like other IXPs
- a free port with traffic up to 300 Mbit/s (95th percentile)


Check out our services and prices and join LL-IX Internet exchange point.