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LL-IX connected to the Seattle Internet Exchange Point (SIX) 

LL-IX expands the scopes and joins the SIX neutral independent Internet Exchange Point in Seattle, USA.


The SIX platforms consolidate the largest US organizations and allow them to exchange traffic at high speed along the shortest routes.


Become a member of LL-IX, you automatically receive an exchange of traffic with members of the SIX platform, which will reduce costs, increase the volume, and improve the quality of data connection services and the Global network access.


Platform SIX has more than 300 participants with whom you can connect - Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs), Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers, Social networks, Search engines, Video portals, Cloud service providers, Corporate and Scientific Educational networks.


At this moment LL-IX is connected to European Exchange Points AMS-IX in Amsterdam and EPIX in Poland, and we keep on expanding our borders.


Join us and enjoy the enhanced benefits of a peering connection 24/7/365.


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