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LL-IX connected to PLIX peering platform!

This spring we announce another interconnection with Equinix Internet Exchange (also known as PLIX) in Poland, Warsaw, with over 220+ data centers in 60+ markets on five continents that connect enterprises, networks, services and innovators worldwide.

LL-IX joins the thousands of leading enterprises that have a presence in their global data centers, keeping stimulating the interconnection efficiency between Internet participants.


Since now, by connecting to LL-IX you have the opportunity to exchange traffic automatically and directly with already connected LL-IX members, along with our largest leading partners: AMS-IX (Netherlands, Haarlem), DE-CIX (Germany, Frankfurt), SIX (USA, Seattle), MSK-IX (Russia, Moscow) and PLIX (Poland, Warsaw).

Among them, you will find numerous Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), Internet Service providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and other parties interested in high-quality services’ delivery and traffic cost optimization.

Let's help each other get the most suitable conditions for our interconnection needs and make it beneficial for both companies!

Send us a membership request and enjoy a great peering experience.