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Key benefits of connecting to IXP


The Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is a physical point in the Internet infrastructure where organizations such as Internet Service providers (ISPs) and content providers (CDNs) interconnect for mutually beneficial traffic exchange.

The use of IXPs makes it possible to carry out high-speed data transmission, reduce delays, eliminate data transmission errors, and increase bandwidth and routing efficiency. 


Main advantages of connecting to IXP


  1. Increased redundancy

A failure of a network in one internet provider can cause unstable operation of the entire service network. The traffic exchange in the IXP infrastructure is an alternative route that guarantees reliable data protection during transit crashes.

The increased redundancy of network traffic minimizes reliance on the transit service provider, saving and improving end-user services by reducing delays.


  1. High fault tolerance

Switches of the IXP network are located in data centers with developed infrastructure. This makes the system insensitive to various unforeseen situations, such as network failures, security threats, and the long wait for equipment replacements.


  1. Low costs

Peering is the best choice for high-volume data transmission. The use of this service eliminates the high cost of IP transit and significantly improves the quality of end-user service by increasing the speed of transmission. The ability to create multiple BGP sessions greatly improves resource optimization and allows cost control.

Since individual transit channels are expensive, the prices at the IXP are significantly lower than for IP transit. The costs of using the Internet Exchange Point are usually shared between the participating infrastructure operators and network providers.


By becoming a member of the LL-IX Internet Exchange Point, you'll be able to exchange traffic not only with LL-IX members, but also with a huge number of AMS-IX, DE-CIX, MSK-IX, and SIX members.

Among the participants that you can connect with are telecommunication operators (TSPs), Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers (CDNs) and others, interested in providing high-quality services and optimizing the value of traffic.


Join the LL-IX and provide your users with quality content and quick access to information.

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