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LL-IX connected to AMS-IX peering platform


Great news! LL-IX connected to AMS-IX - the world’s leading Internet Exchange hub located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Through the AMS-IX, we establish connectivity with 900+ IP networks, 80% of which are from outside the Netherlands. 

Becoming an LL-IX member, you can benefit from the exchange of IP traffic with a large number of AMS-IX participants. 


Among them, you will find numerous Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), Internet Service providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and other parties interested in high-quality services’ delivery and traffic cost optimization.

Take time by the forelock! Сonnect to LL-IX Route Servers and bring your users closer to the content they need.

Joining the LL-IX community is really easy to do and fully Free of Charge. 
Send us a membership request and enjoy a great peering experience.